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About Open Kennett

  • To share information to better understand local government and non-profit initiatives that have helped our region to grow, by pointing you to existing public documents, or, in the case of more complex issues, summaries that we generate for you.

  • To help you to become more engaged in these initiatives by offering ways for you to ask questions, share concerns, and provide input through our Town Hall


We believe strongly in the power of public /private partnerships to make our lives better by ensuring that citizens are informed and engaged. So we pay special attention to initiatives that are publicly funded in whole or in part, or that rely on local government.

About Our Board

Interested in being considered for our board?  Send us an email!

Dr. Peter Doehring, founder and director of OpenKennett

Over the course of a 25 year career as a clinical child psychologist, researcher, and author focused on Autism, Peter has led specialized school-, hospital-, and university-based programs in Canada and the United States. He has also designed and led more than $5 million in projects funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, state and provincial funders, and private foundations. He has been invited to present on service, training, research, and policy across North America and Europe, and sales of his books and chapters on Autism have surpassed 70,000.  He has also been active in land conservation, trails, and adaptive outdoor recreation.  

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